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First autonomous Galileo position fix!

Thijs, Natalia, David and Sif – the first four Galileo IOV satellites – transmit loud and clear. On March 25, 2013 TeleConsult Austria GmbH was able to compute a first autonomous Galileo position fix using their own and self-developed software-based GNSS radio receiver.

The Galileo signals have been recorded at Graz Rosenhain, next to TeleConsult Austria’s office. The red dot shows the reference position while the yellow dot shows the mean position computed by TeleConsult Austria’s software-based GNSS radio receiver.

Galileo Position Fix Austria Graz
Averaged (60 seconds) autonomous Galileo position (yellow) solution overlaid with GoogleTM Earth

This marks the beginning of a new phase within the GNSS research and development sector. For the first time real signals and positions can be used to test the developed algorithms and applications.

For further information please contact Mr. Philipp Berglez.